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Company Profile:

Civil Engineering Services

Southern Engineering & Surveying, Inc. provides a complete array of civil engineering services to include site grading design, storm drainage design, storm water management design, erosion and sediment control design, parking lot and pavement design, waterline design, sanitary sewer system design, and roadway alignment and design.  We also have extensive expertise in the publication of Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA) pertaining to the Flood Information Rate Maps (FIRM) published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Another part of our engineering services include, but are not limited to, project management and construction inspection.

Land Surveying Services

Southern Engineering & Surveying, Inc. has a fully staffed surveying department which provides the following surveying services:

Boundary Surveys
ALTA Surveys
Engineering Surveys
Topographic Surveying and Mapping
Construction Stakeout
Subdivision Layout and Platting
Elevation Certificate (FEMA Form 81-31)
(Field & Office Services Necessary for Publication)

Land Planning

In addition to Engineering, our company offers various land planning services including:

Commercial Project Layout and Planning
Residential Subdivision Layout and Planning
Office / Institutional Layout and Planning
Recreational and Campus Layout and Planning
Development Code Verifications and Variance Assistance

Construction Administration Services

Southern Engineering and Surveying, Inc. offers complete project management services from the initial planning stages through the completion of construction.  Our firm provides construction supervision and resident inspection through qualified personnel who oversees portions of the construction and represents the project owner in the field.  


Southern Engineering & Surveying, Inc. has a staff of people which are made up of Professionals Engineers, Engineers-in-Training, Registered Land Surveyors, technicians, specialists and administrative personnel. Our staff is highly educated and trained with expertise in the engineering and surveying fields.

Computer-Aided Design & Development (CADD) Capabilities

Southern Engineering and Surveying, Inc. employs the most up to date computer software and equipment for design, analysis, and plan preparation.  Our staff includes highly trained computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) operators in both Surveying and Engineering Departments that work to provide the most effective design to our clients.

Storm Water Monitoring

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division (EPD) requires that all land disturbing activities greater than one (1) acre be monitored for erosion, sedimentation, and storm water runoff.  Southern Engineering and Surveying, Inc. has the knowledge and capability to satisfy the requirements of the Georgia EPD, the Clean Water Act, the US Army Corps of Engineers.  This includes the documentation beginning with the Notice of Intent (NOI), then the daily, weekly, monthly, and post-rainfall inspections and their  reports, the collection of storm water samples, and the turbidity testing of these samples.  SES, Inc. has the experience necessary to track and maintain the required documentation, seeing the project through to the end and publishing the Notice of Termination (NOT).  Southern Engineering and Surveying, Inc. will perform any and/or all requirements associated with Storm Water Monitoring.  The Georgia EPD maintains, as part of their website, an Internet page for those documents that pertain to the Storm Water General Permits having to do with construction.  These documents, such as the General Permits having to do with stand-alone construction, infrastructure construction, and common developments as well as other documentation, can be found at:

We provide high quality, wide-page format, black and wide copying service.

We also perform Notary Public Services.

We accept all major credit cards / debit cards.  A service charge is associated with these type transactions.